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English Short Conversation Sentences:

Person 1: Hello dear! How are you doing son?

Student: Hello sir/uncle I am doing good and how about you?

Person 1: I am good as always / I am fit and fine.

Student:  I am very glad to know that.

Person 1: Ok. Tell me son what are you doing these days?

Student:  I am Studying in School uncle.

Person 1: That’s great. Tell me in which standard/class you are studying currently?

Student:  I am currently in class 8.

Person 1: How is your study going?

Student:  It’s going well.

Person 1: How many classes are there in your school?

Student:  There are up to class 10 in our school.

Person 1: How many teachers are there in your school?

Student:  There are 20 teachers in our school.

Person 1:  What things have you learned so far from school?

Student:  The school has been teaching so many good things so far and the teachers are very helpful and cooperative with the students. They teach us how to behave with others and to respect our elders.

Person 1: Good to know that your school and the teachers are very helpful to the students.

Tell me son what your aim in life is?

Student:  Thank you, uncle. My aim in life is to become a Doctor…… and treat all those who are sick and ill.

Person 1:  I am pleased to know your interest in helping people by becoming a Doctor.

Do you have any friends in your School?

Student:  Yes there are many friends of mine in School but I have only two best friends.

Person 1:  ok. When is your final exams son?

Student:  Most probably / certainly in the month of June for class 8.

Person 1:  Keep doing good in your studies and don’t forget what your aim is and focus only on those things which will fulfill your desired aim.

Student: Ok Uncle

Person 1: Take care and have a nice day ahead.

Student:  Wish you the same uncle.

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