Use of ” If Possible” | English to Lisu

Use of ” If Possible”


ꓐ ꓡˍꓠꓬ꓾ If Possible:

  • ꓐ ꓡˍꓠꓬ꓾ ꓬꓲ ꓔꓯ ꓖꓼ ꓖꓶ=
  • If possible, forgive him.
  • ꓐ ꓡˍꓠꓬ꓾ ꓥꓪ ꓔꓯ ꓖꓼ ꓖꓶ ꓡꓯ=
  • If possible, forgive me.
  • ꓐ ꓡˍꓠꓬ꓾ ꓥꓪ ꓟꓽ ꓪ ꓟꓽ ꓢ ꓡ Dꓴ ꓥꓳ=
  • If possible, I will definitely come.
  • ꓐ ꓡˍꓠꓬ꓾ ꓬꓲ ꓙ. ꓠ. ꓘꓴ=
  • If possible, call him.
  • ꓐ ꓡˍꓠꓬ꓾ ꓥꓪ ꓔꓯ ꓙ. ꓠ. ꓘꓴ ꓡꓯ=
  • If possible, call me.
  • ꓐ ꓡˍꓠꓬ꓾ ꓢꓯ. ꓐꓬꓱꓽ ꓮ ꓙꓵꓽ ꓛꓳꓽ ꓪ ꓝꓲ=
  • If possible, watch all the videos.
  • ꓐ ꓡˍꓠꓬ꓾ ꓢꓯ. ꓐꓬꓱꓽ ꓕꓱ ꓟ ꓔꓯ Like ꓖꓶ ꓪ ꓝꓲ=
  • If possible, like this video.
  • ꓐ ꓡˍꓠꓬ꓾ ꓬꓲ ꓔꓯ ꓬꓰ ꓙ=
  • If possible, help him.
  • B ꓡˍꓠꓬ꓾ ꓐꓬꓱ ꓽ ꓕꓲ ꓐꓬꓱꓽ ꓗꓶꓺ ꓩꓴ ꓡꓯ=
  • If possible, send a picture.

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