Lesson – 2 | Singular and Plural Nouns | English to Lisu | English Basic Grammar

Singular and Plural Nouns

Examples: i

Singular Noun:    Plural Noun:

   a ring.  – two rings.

   a car – three cars.

   a dog – four dogs.

   a teacher – five teachers.

   an apple – six apples.

   an egg.    Seven eggs.  

•For most nouns you just have to put s.

Special Noun:

Potato. – Potatoes.

Tomato. – Tomatoes.

Volcano. – Volcanoes.

Hero. – Heroes.

Mosquito.  – Mosquitoes.


•Singular to plural nouns by addition of s + es.

two book/s + es     

four table/s + es                          

Ten hat/s + es        

An elephant

One bat                      

One week                   

Two church/s + es 

 six chair/s + es 

six chair/s + es

a pen

eight umbrella/s + es 

twenty mango/s + es 

seven match/s + es

five place/s + es 

Four week/s + es  

Note: Singular ꓐꓰ Plural Nouns ꓟ ꓔꓯ s FAI es ꓔꓺ ꓢꓲ ꓚꓳꓟꓟꓰꓠꓔ ꓗꓪ ꓐꓳ ꓩꓴ ꓡꓯ=                        


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